What They Say..

Hygiene service

"I hadn't had a professional clean and polish for around 7 years when I joined Park Dental Care in May 2010 and was therefore a little anxious about my first visit with the Hygienist. However, I was immediately reassured. After checking the health of my gums, the Hygienist explained the procedure in detail. Half an hour later, I left the practice thrilled with my "new smile" and confident that I could keep up my new oral hygiene homecare routine after being advised about which products and techniques suited me best. I have attended every 6 months ever since and feel much better knowing that my Hygienist and I are working together as a team to keep my mouth healthy and prevent problems further down the line"


"I had the 'Ultraseal' whitening treatment at Park Dental Care in June 2013 a month before my wedding day. The procedure was completely pain free and I am so pleased with results. Plus, I know that I will be able to maintain my new shade using the trays at home..perfect for topping up before a special occasion!"

Emergency Dental Care

"In December 2009 I attended the practice for an emergency appointment. I contacted the practice first thing in the morning and was given an appointment for the same day. I was dealt with promptly, professionally and with a great deal of empathy. I wish to praise the team for the manner in which I was dealt with and in arranging the appointments at very short notice. I have been a patient of yours for some 30 years and have always recommended your service to others."
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