Regular patients are invited to join our Prev-a-denT programme which enables us to further improve our service at no extra cost.

In a busy life, orgainising dental care can be difficult – but regular patients know that an annual check and a planned hygiene programme are essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

The Prev-a-denT programme helps manage your regular checks and hygiene sessions. We also offer the programme to new patients who join our list when there are vacancies.

Clinical Benefits of the programme include:
  • Annual Examination
  • Regular hygiene visits
  • Advice to control decay/gum disease
  • Screening for oral cancer
  • Gum screening with printout
  • Digital low dose x-rays as necessary
  • Use of intra-oral camera to help understand problems.

Prev-a-denT patients have access to a full range of appoinments with emergency clinics in normal hours and access to an out-of-hours advice service, which is run by practice staff.

Patients will receive a 20% reduction on the cost of all fillings and hygienist visits as well as the cost of lab based items, such as crowns, bridges and dentures.

Prev-a-denT patients will have their own personal plan, which, can be spread over equal monthly direct debits or made annually in advance, both of which gain 5% discount. These two options are currently unavailable to Westfield clients.

Westfield clients who join Prev-a-denT will opt for pay as you go, in order to reclaim.

There is also the option to spread the cost, interest free, of treatments over £100

You want to keep your teeth. We want you to keep your teeth. We want to prevent dental problems.

Our Terms and Conditions

What you can expect from us

  • Through our Prev-a-denT® programme we will help you work towards healthier teeth and gums, with the aim of keeping your teeth for life
  • We will give you a printed estimate of any planned treatment
  • We will keep you informed of the latest techniques and use the best materials
  • We will try to provide a relaxed and calm environment
  • We will do all we can to run on time. Your time is as important as ours
  • We will follow modern cross infection control practice – your safety is vital to us
  • We will offer priority access to regular and emergency treatment

What we expect from you – please note carefully

  • To endeavour to arrive in good time for your appointment
  • If unable to keep an appointment, please give two working days notice
  • Appointments cancelled at shorter notice will incur a charge.
  • Missed appointments will incur a full charge
  • To settle your account when requested
  • To follow your recommended Prev-a-denT clinical programme and to look after teeth and gums with techniques we advise. If your programme lapses by more than two calendar months, we will place you on our Access list
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