Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my gums bleed when I floss my teeth?

Bleeding gums are the first sign early gum disease known as "gingivitis". This causes tender ,red gums which bleed easily upon flossing and brushing and may also cause "bad breath". At this stage, gingivitis can be easily treated by thorough plaque removal. This is carried out by our Hygienists who thoroughly clean and polish teeth regularly as well as advising on the best tools and methods for caring for your mouth at home. If left untreated, gingivitis may progress to a more severe gum disease which causes permanent damage to the gums and tooth loss.

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How can my teeth be made to look whiter?

Our "Ultraseal" tray whitening procedure offers the latest technology in safe, effective teeth whitening. The natural colour of your teeth may have been darkened due to the ageing process, tobacco or tea and coffee staining. The procedure is carried out painlessly during two visits to the practice combined with a daily whitening at home over a two week time frame. Your custom made trays may then be used again as part of your home care routine to maintain your ideal shade. A consultation with one of our Dentists will explain the procedure in detail.

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I have several metal fillings. Can these be replaced with white ones?

Absolutely! White fillings, known as "composite" fillings can be used to replace metal fillings, large or small.

Can I spread the cost of dental treatment?

We offer 2 ways of spreading the cost of dental care.
  1. Pay for your routine care via our monthly direct debit scheme. This attracts a 5% discount though this is not currently available to Westfield patients. An individual routine treatment plan is designed for each of our patients. If, for example, your plan included an annual exam along with Hygienist visit, any necessary digital x-rays and a follow up Hygienist visit 6 months later this direct debit scheme would produce a monthly cost of £13.25
  2. For more expensive courses of treatment, you may spread the cost via direct debit. Simply pay half the cost initially and the other half over a 6 month period completely interest free. For example, a crown costing £395 would require an initial 50% payment of £197.50. The rest may then be paid for over a 6 month period at a cost of £32.92

I haven't been to see a Dentist for several years now because I am so anxious about Dental treatment. Can you help?

Many people are anxious about dental treatment, usually due to a previous experience. We take time to provide gentle care in a calm, relaxed environment.

What happens at my first appointment?

A new patient consultation will take around 30 minutes. At this appointment, a full Dental and Medical history is followed by charting of the gums and teeth. Our preventive philosophy will be discussed and your treatment plan outlined. An estimate will be provided at this visit. The cost of this initial appointment is £61.65, payable on booking.

I have a gap where I had a tooth removed. Can I replace this missing tooth?

There are several methods of replacing missing teeth including bridges, partial dentures and implants. See our cosmetics page for further details.
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